J Sandrey

J Sandrey

J is the Founder and CEO of RIL. and operates RIL’s operation with his wife 'Nikki' to provide a unique integrated innovative international platform and personalised service.

He began his career at Ernst & Young's Trust Company, "The Monument Trust Company Limited", in 1994 before selling the business to The Royal Bank of Canada in 1999. Since 2002 he has worked in senior roles with several privately owned fiduciary Companies dealing with the management and administration of high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients' affairs.

J has significant experience dealing with all offshore structuring, including pension and remuneration planning and wealth preservation, income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax planning. He also specialises within the Sports and Media arena, having developed, and managed a Sports and Media division for a privately owned fiduciary business.

In recent years, J witnessed a retraction in the tax-efficient nature of offshore planning opportunities for individuals and corporates due to global changes in tax legislation. As a result, this has led too many clients to consider the effectiveness of their existing offshore structures and question their current service providers' ability to adapt to constant changes to the environment they are working in to safeguard the interests of their client's affairs.

Due to constant changes to legislation, he views this as an exciting opportunity for existing clients to review their current structures and believes with sensible tax/legal advice and careful implementation, he can make changes to ensure that offshore structures can still prosper and offer significant benefits to clients in the future.

J works for many entrepreneurs, wealthy individuals, and corporate clients based in the UK, Europe, South Africa, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and India. He continues to 'Think out of the box and goes that extra mile to ensure his clients find the right solution'.

Nikki Sandrey

Nikki Sandrey

Nikki Sandrey is a Director to RAPTOR and operates RIL’s operation with her husband 'J', to provide a unique integrated innovative international platform and personalised service.

Nikki worked in Guernsey from 1996 for leading financial institutions within the Channel Islands; namely, Barings and then due to ` and acquisitions, ING and then Northern Trust, acting as Executive Personal Assistant to 5 highly regarded CEOs. She has developed exceptional project management skills throughout her career. The Executive working party appointed Nikki to coordinate the Barings, ING, and Northern Trust mergers and acquisitions. Nikki formed part of a senior management team coordinating projects concerning US FATCA, CRS, and the AIFMD and is above all highly competent and technically proficient. Before 1996, Nikki worked for Ribbon Revival, a franchise company specialising in recycling computer products, where she was an integral part of the team that built the franchise to a client base of 40 in a short period. In 2015, Nikki founded Tiger Eyes VPA, www.tigereyesvpa.com that provides business solutions and lifestyle management services to a range of private clients and financial organisations within the UK and Channel Islands. Tiger Eyes worked in conjunction with RIL.

As part of our specialised services, Nikki manages RAPTOR's End-to-End Virtual Deal Solutions, which is tailor-made to assist businesses, Private Equity, and Sports & Media sectors and assists companies who wish to engage in a confidential business transaction. She has completed several Global corporate transactions and understands the challenges within our financial climate and the need to sustain balance in our lives.

To keep abreast of banking trends Nikki has recently qualified as a Blockchain Developer. She is also fully proficient with Agile and Prince II methodologies and has developed technical skills many attributes throughout her career which provide comfort to RIL clients.

Wade Emmerson

Wade Emmerson is a Senior Consultant to RAPTOR.

In the 20 years before he moved to Guernsey in 1996, he built up, ran successfully as Managing Director, and then profitably sold, his diversified family transport and travel business, which ended up employing over 400 people, across five counties of England. He was involved in his business, from the age of nine onwards, through school and university. His continuous involvement exposed him to all aspects of its activities, including planning, maintenance, logistics, and operations, providing him with not only an excellent grounding, but also allowing him to acquire a strong sense of perspective, and a deep understanding and appreciation of the many concerns and challenges that face employers and employees alike. Once on Guernsey, Wade continued to be active in business, by becoming a Founder Investor in, and President and Chief Executive Officer of, an opencast anthracite mine in PA, USA, gaining extensive, hands-on experience and knowledge of American business and politics at all levels.

Wade boasts several years' valuable, practical C-suite and board involvement in various listed and private companies, specialising in such varied areas as mining, oil and gas, transport, real estate, infrastructure, and pathology services. He has, effectively, done private equity, by any other name, for many years and has successfully worked on projects based in Cambodia, in Central Asia, China, and Africa, where he has often had to confront, and conquer, a diverse range of international business, logistical and procedural issues and challenges, in difficult, unfamiliar markets and remote, demanding locations. Some of his instructions have involved commercially-sensitive investigations and transactions, and restructure and insolvency situations. Wade has learned much from his years of dealing directly, face-to-face, with regulatory bodies, national and local government officials, politicians, business people, and diplomats across the world and offers wide-ranging sectoral and geographic experience and entrepreneurial and investment skills; he has invested significant skin in various games, and has had his boots on the ground around the world.

His experience in, and exposure to, the global business community, have led him to embrace his responsibilities, including board meetings, with a high degree of preparation, through establishing a deep comprehension of each particular business in which he is involved; he will contribute significantly to the genuine substance, and real diversity, of any board, in accordance with best practice, and within the exacting requirements of BEPS. He is currently active in the Channel Islands, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Zambia, and seeks new challenges and fresh opportunities, in which to demonstrate the value that his independence, integrity, and initiative bring.

John Horan

John Horan is a Senior Consultant to RAPTOR.

Based in the UK, John is an expert in investigations within the arena of Anti-Money Laundering, Bribery, Corruption, and Financial Crime - a true thought leader when it comes to protecting the client’s investment from financial crime and reputational risk.

This fundamental under-the-radar advisory service enables the client to identify who they are dealing with and what potential contentious issues may arise by way of a detailed background report on the potential buyer/investor, their family, and close associates. The report ultimately generated remains the property of the client and the information is not shared with any third party.

For a number of years, John has advised (HNW) individuals, large companies, enterprises, and many leading multi-national financial institutions. His expertise stems from his service with the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Police Service of Northern Ireland. He has also acted as the lead investigator for numerous major multi-national money laundering operations and anti-terrorism investigations.

John has an extensive global network of resources which cover every country, multi-lingual and utilises the expertise of (amongst others):

• UK ex anti-terrorism and organised crime specialists
• Ex-Special Forces personnel
• USA ex Federal and State Law Enforcement officers
• Ex CIS Law enforcement and Special Forces personnel