Nicola Sandrey

Nicola Sandrey

Professional Background: Nikki's impressive career in the financial industry began in Guernsey in 1996, where she worked for leading institutions such as Barings, ING, and Northern Trust. As an Executive Personal Assistant to five highly regarded CEOs, Nikki honed her project management skills. She was instrumental in coordinating mergers and acquisitions, including the challenging Barings, ING, and Northern Trust transitions. Nikki's exceptional competence and technical proficiency were showcased in her role on the senior management team handling projects related to US FATCA, CRS, and the AIFMD.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Before her tenure in the financial industry, Nikki showcased her entrepreneurial spirit by contributing to the growth of Ribbon Revival, a franchise company specializing in recycling computer products. In 2015, she founded Tiger Eyes VPA, providing business solutions and lifestyle management services to private clients and financial organizations in the UK and Channel Islands. Tiger Eyes collaborated with RIL, emphasizing Nikki's versatility and capability to navigate diverse sectors.

Specialized Services: She is at the forefront of RAPTOR's End-to-End Virtual Deal Solutions, a service designed to assist businesses, Private Equity, and the Sports & Media sectors in confidential business transactions. Her experience includes successfully completing several global corporate transactions, demonstrating her deep understanding of the challenges within the financial climate and the importance of maintaining balance in our lives.

Technical Proficiency: In an ever-evolving financial landscape, Nikki remains at the cutting edge by specializing in Digital Transformations. As a certified Java and Blockchain Developer, she brings technical prowess to the table, providing clients with confidence in RIL's ability to adapt to emerging trends. Nikki is well-versed in Agile and Prince II methodologies, contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of RIL's operations.

Vision and Expertise: Nikki is not just a financial expert; she is a visionary leader committed to staying ahead of banking trends. Her multifaceted expertise, from entrepreneurship to specialized financial
services, positions her as a valuable asset to RIL clients. Nikki's commitment to sustaining balance in both business and personal lives is a testament to her holistic approach to success.

In essence, her profile reflects a dynamic and versatile professional who seamlessly navigates the complexities of the financial industry. Her role as the Founder and Director of RAPTOR, coupled with her
entrepreneurial ventures and technical proficiency, underscores her commitment to excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving world of finance.

Kevin Cutler

Kevin Cutler

Professional Background: Kevin's journey began as a Senior Personal Banking Manager with Lloyds Bank in the UK, where he honed his skills and gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the financial sector. As
the founder and Director of several distinguished financial enterprises, Kevin has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a keen understanding of market dynamics.

Expertise: Kevin's unparalleled success can be attributed to his adeptness at designing and implementing robust financial structures. His tailormade solutions have empowered both individuals and businesses, enabling them to optimize returns on their investments. Kevin's expertise lies in creating strategies that are not only effective but also sustainable in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Global Influence: Currently based in the UK, Kevin's influence extends far beyond borders. His extensive global network enhances his capacity to drive impactful financial strategies across continents. This international perspective allows him to navigate the complexities of diverse markets, ensuring that RIL remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence.

Visionary Leadership: As a visionary leader, Kevin is committed to steering RIL towards new heights of success. His strategic acumen and forward-thinking approach set the tone for the company's growth and its ability to adapt to emerging trends in the financial industry.

Commitment to Innovation: Kevin's leadership is characterized by a commitment to innovation. He strives to keep RIL at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that clients receive a unique and seamless experience in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Philosophy: Kevin Cutler believes in the power of collaboration and personalized service. His philosophy revolves around creating value for clients by understanding their unique needs and crafting solutions that go beyond expectations. Under his leadership, RIL continues to be a beacon of excellence in the financial industry.

In summary, Kevin Cutler's profile is a testament to his remarkable journey, from a Senior Personal Banking Manager to the CEO of RIL. His visionary leadership, global perspective, and commitment to innovation position him as a trailblazer in the financial industry, driving RIL towards a future of continued success and excellence.