About us

Raptor International Limited (“RIL”) – RIL is an International Financial Management service provider which is a registered Seychelles Limited Company, Registered No. 231475 since incorporation as of 09 November 2021. The founder and CEO, Jonathan Sandrey (‘J’) founded RIL in Guernsey, Channel Islands, which is the Island of his origin back on 27 May 2016 (RIL in Guernsey was subsequently dissolved). J now resides in Cyprus with his wife and fellow Director of RIL., Nicola Sandrey (‘Nikki’) where they own 100% of RIL and have an interest in two additional Cyprus registered companies. (refer to The Team to review profiles). The RIL owners operate the business from Cyprus, where they work exclusively with leading legal, tax, and global professionals to offer a bespoke international service for their clients. They do not supply advice.

An Evolutionary Approach

RIL truly focuses on your client’s unique position and individual requirements:

Our approach is to work with you and other professional advisers to protect your assets, ensure the family wealth is maintained and passed on as intended, and source the best end-to-end solutions for businesses.

RIL works with senior expert consultants and a global network of partners and advisers without a bias towards a particular group of service providers. Advisers range from large to medium-sized firms to boutique and specialist firms depending on the client’s requirements and the underlying activities to be undertaken by a suitable structure. N.B. RIL is non-regulated and does not provide advice.

The key drivers behind the creation of RIL Financial Management service providers:

The key drivers were triggered by a perception that a lack of innovation and “outside the box thinking” can be like a virus that spreads throughout the financial climate.

RIL believes it can create opportunities, which will be for the benefit of individual clients and corporates within offshore and international arenas.