Our Business

Raptor International Limited (“RIL”) – RIL is an International Financial Management service provider which is a registered Seychelles Limited Company, Registered No. 231475 since incorporation as of 09 November 2021. The founder and CEO, Jonathan Sandrey (‘J’), founded RIL in Guernsey, Channel Islands, which is the Island of his origin back on 27 May 2016.  J now resides in Cyprus with his wife and fellow Director of RIL., Nicola Sandrey (‘Nikki’) where they operate RIL with two additional Cyprus registered companies. N.B. RIL is a non-regulated financial services business and does not provide advice.

Due to increased demand for global solutions, RIL has reincorporated RIL, which now operates from Seychelles.  The business is managed and owned by J and Nikki).  They both provide a personalised specialist financial management service for respective clients who seek an offshore/international presence, and both have over 25 years of experience in this sector.

The company assists private individuals and corporate clients who wish to source appropriate solutions to protect their respective futures and their Intellectual property or Image Rights:  J and Nikki help individuals who want to engage within a confidential business transaction or source a suitable service provider. RIL has extensive knowledge of the financial sector and works with a select group of Global Tax and legal professionals, together with Fiduciary service providers, Audit and accountants, Fund and Investment managers, including specialists within the Sports and Media arena.

The company has an eclectic range of individuals and corporate clients who range from private to corporate operations.

RAPTOR will source advice and provide consultancy services to clients wishing to establish the following:

  • Complex Financial solutions

Trust & Corporate Remediation Projects:

  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Life Interest (Interest in Possession) Trusts
  • Employee Benefit Trusts
  • Purpose Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Partnerships (both Limited and Limited Liability Ps)
  • International Pension Plans
  • Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (“QNUPS”)
  • Private Trust Companies
  • Companies incorporated in Seychelles, Cyprus, Guernsey, Jersey, British Virgin Islands,  and most other offshore jurisdictions as well as UK companies and Companies incorporated in other European countries


RAPTOR will source/provide expertise and planning in relation to the mitigation of UK taxes. RAPTOR’s partners within this arena are qualified Tax advisers and leading tax experts, and we are able to assist with the following:

  • UK Income Tax/Corporation Tax
  • UK Capital Gains Tax
  • UK Inheritance Tax and estate planning
  • Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (“ATED”)
  • New CGT rules applicable to non-residents investing in UK residential property


RAPTOR works exclusively with qualified Tax advisers and leading tax experts to source/provide expertise and planning in relation to the affairs of international clients and is able to:

  • Review the suitability of existing structures
  • Design and assist with the implementation of new structures
  • Assist with obtaining advice with regard to an individual residency and domicile
  • Advice relating to inheritance tax and global estate planning and clients with cross-border interests

RAPTOR’s partners are able to provide a specialised service to assist all persons associated with the Sports and Media arena. A cutting-edge UK & International service which is designed to assist companies, clubs, managers, professional footballers, referees, trainees, lenders to football clubs, third party ownerships, coaches, football scouts, agents, player concierge, personnel, and sponsorships deals.


Our partners’ specialised services include:


  • Structuring of Sponsorship and Image Rights vehicles
  • Review and improve existing structures
  • Source advice relating to the extraction of profits from endorsement and image rights vehicles
  • Source advice relating to transfers and commercial deals
  • Implementation of International Pensions Schemes for individuals and clubs via multi-member schemes
  • Endorsement Planning (injury and morality security)

LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICES – RAPTOR’s partners are leading legal professionals.

TAX ADVISORY SOLUTIONS – visit our tax service pages

  • Exit planning and structuring
  • Tax litigation
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Employment law
  • Public and administrative law
  • HMRC judicial review challenges

INSURANCE (Kidnap & Ransom)

CHARTERED ACCOUNTS visit Our Chartered Accounts service page.

BUSINESS TRANSACTIONAL SERVICES visit End-to-end Virtual Deal Solutions services or email [email protected] or [email protected] to request a detailed brochure.

  • Acquisitions / Portfolio Management / Fundraising / Financing / Re-Financing Our bespoke acquisition services are paramount to expediting the deal. We also provide centralised data bank for portfolio management, fundraising, financing, and re-financing by way of structured planning. This is also facilitated with RAPTOR’s offshore Virtual Deal Room (VDR) and RAPTOR’s Data Site partners’ who operate a leading global platform that secures the transactions. All of which are aided by RAPTOR’s Professional Advisory partners.

PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENTS To ensure your investments are secure our partners provide a deep pre-screening service that is ideal for future clients and employees, as detailed:

  • Financial Forensic Fraud Investigation and Risk protection – Pre-Screening Service RAPTOR are able to protect your investments from fraud and corruption and prior to entering into any acquisition, we are able to provide a full financial and forensic investigation service.
  • Financial Risk Compliance Monitoring protection Compliance/risk experts, engineers, data scientists, and linguists, excellent for client verification and monitoring purposes as well for ongoing transaction monitoring.



End-to-End Virtual Deal Solutions tailor-made to assist businesses, Private Equity, and Sports & Media sectors.

As part of our specialised services RAPTOR is able to assist companies who wish to engage within a confidential business transaction. RAPTOR will provide an introducer agreement to be signed by both parties prior to the introduction of a RAPTOR partner. Presentation materials may be obtained upon request together with references and testimonials – Contact OUR TEAM :

VDR’s are widely used throughout industries for Company Mergers & Acquisitions, Disposals, private equity and ventures, and specialised data management:

  • This platform is ideal for Board Reporting, Clinical studies, Debt Financing, Distressed Real Estate, Due Diligence, Fundraising, Hedge Funds, IPO & Exists, Litigation, M&A Buy Side, M&A Sell-Side, Post-Merger, Private Equity, Restructuring. Our key prime services are as follows :
  • RAPTOR’s Data Site partner and RAPTOR’s Virtual Deal Solution Room manager can help you populate your VDR and have it ready for review within hours – allowing you greater control and visibility to get to a point of valuation quickly. Appointing a virtual deal room manager is the key to a successful transaction. An experienced VDR manager has knowledge of the complete transaction timeline and of the VDR platform. They are able to operate via a leading market VDR portal on your behalf which avoids risks associated with a physical deal room. Your experienced virtual deal manager will structure your data room using a globally recognised VDR platform and streamline the overall transaction process in stages. They will provide regular updates and liaise with the executive management team and the appointed advisers throughout the transaction.
  • RAPTOR’s Virtual Deal Room partner provides a secure 24/7/365 confidential online data management portal that enables the parties involved in the transaction to obtain “live” transactional data once input by your “deal manager” dramatically reducing the transaction times and deal expense through the presentation of documents within the data room. This leading secure platform is guaranteed the highest data security. Recognised by professionals throughout the industry they have received over 20 technology awards, with 4,944 VDR’s worldwide since 2004, assisting 31,000+ M&A transactions since 2003, 35,000+ VDR secured projects since 2003 with 47+ years’ experience successfully navigating regulated industry with 41 locations throughout the globe.
  • Financial Fraud Investigation / Anti Money Laundering Advisory RAPTOR’s Senior Consultant is at the forefront of Financial Fraud Investigation, compliance, and anti-money laundering operations. They are able to provide a full financial and forensic investigation service. Safeguarding your business transaction to ensure a potential purchaser is not subject to sanctions, fraudulent activity, or money laundering.
  • Financial Crime and Risk Solutions “Compliance pre-screening and monitoring service” RAPTOR’s Financial Crime and Risk Solutions partner, who is a provider of AML data and compliance technology solutions, can provide a pre-screening service for any business who wishes to partake in a future transaction. They have a talented team of compliance and risk experts, engineers, data scientists, and linguists (8 languages including English, Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish).  The software is excellent for client verification and monitoring purposes as well as for ongoing transaction monitoring.
  • Facilitate the carve-out of distressed debt and illiquid assets/risk Ideal solutions for the return of assets (bad debt) that can not be quantified. RAPTOR’s partner who is a qualified insolvency solicitor will assist by the way of an introduction of sellers of distressed and illiquid assets to specialist purchasers through professional advisers who are keen to purchase financial assets where the timing and/or the amount of return is uncertain. RAPTOR can also assist via our partner to source non-bank secured lending for short or long-term purposes where the exit is clear.
  • Tax-efficient exit planning Ideal for shareholders, to include remuneration planning for employees/structuring of management MBO’s, deferred consideration planning, mergers, and reverse takeovers to include BEPS structuring and Risk Purpose Trusts. RAPTOR truly focuses on the client’s unique position and individual requirements. Our approach is to work in partnership with the client and other professional advisers throughout the transaction in order to protect the assets and ensure the shareholders’ wealth is maintained and passed on as intended.
  • International Tax planning RAPTOR works with qualified tax advisers and leading tax experts to source/provide expertise and planning in relation to the affairs of international clients and are able to review the suitability of existing structures, design and assist with the implementation of new structures. Assist with obtaining advice with regard to an individual’s residency and domicile. Source advice relating to inheritance, capital gains, and income tax relating to global cross-border interests.
  • RAPTOR’s Senior Consultant specialises in Tax litigation and tax dispute resolution, Employment law, and public and administrative law including judicial review challenges involving Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. The majority of RAPTOR’s partners’ practice involves acting for taxpayers, whether individuals or corporates.
  • Portfolio management better communication between you and your portfolio company. Appoint RAPTOR’s Data Site partner together with your Virtual Deal Room manager to organise sensitive and confidential documents, access quarterly reports, and board minutes, and manage deal pipeline / corporate development activity. Portfolio management is also able to utilise functionality built for day-to-day operations.
  • Exit Leverage RAPTOR’s Data Site expertise whilst achieving the best economics by bundling the due diligence functionality with the printing of the prospectus for IPOs. RAPTOR’s Data Site provider provides first-class customer support and ensures running a dual-track process is a seamless experience. They provide assistance from the pre-diligence phase through today as a public company. Should you be listing in the US, our Data Site providers’ in-house CPAs coupled with their technology simplify the complex XBRL process.
  • Fundraising by using a virtual data room (VDR) powered by expertise and leading technologies, fund managers can quickly reach a broad audience of potential investors and monitor investors’ due diligence activities to assess their true level of intent. The right VDR allows you to rapidly respond to queries and requests for more information; develop and maintain ongoing communications with potential investors; and provide secure, controlled access to confidential information.
  • Financing / re-financing gets the best team and economics by bundling the Data Site platforms with any financial printing needs for High Yield Bonds. Take advantage of RAPTOR’s Data Site partner’s technology to collaborate on prospectuses and link financials which then easily roll over from one year to another. Replacing this typically manual process mitigates the risk from human error whilst providing significant time and cost savings.



RAPTOR’s partner who is a qualified insolvency solicitor will assist by the way of an introduction of sellers of distressed and illiquid assets to specialist purchasers through professional advisers who are keen to purchase financial assets where the timing and/or the amount of return is uncertain. RAPTOR can also assist via our partner to source non-bank secured lending for short or long-term purposes where the exit is clear.

RAPTOR is able to source the relevant expertise to establish and implement structures relating to the following:

  • Captive Insurance solutions
  • Insurance Linked Securities
  • The writing of Life Assurance Policies
  • The issue of Personal Portfolio Bonds

RAPTOR is able to assist in the structuring and acquisition of aircraft of all sizes and works with legal and tax advisers who are experienced in this field.

RAPTOR’s aviation partner is also able to source the appropriate aircraft for a particular client.

RAPTOR’s partners, in this sector, include Blue Chip real estate companies as well as established boutique companies. They are able to source an eclectic range of realty to meet a client or their fiduciary providers investment requirements.

RAPTOR’s partner specialises in International freight forwarding & logistic services by way of assisting quoted companies who are typically listed on recognised exchanges such as AIM, ASX, FTSE, JSE, NYSE and TSX etc. RAPTOR’s partner will assist their client-base to coordinate large-scale logistics projects primarily within the mining/oil and gas sectors internationally.

RAPTOR’s Senior Consultant is an expert in investigations within the arena of Anti-Money Laundering, Bribery, Corruption, and Financial Crime they are a true thought leader when it comes to protecting the client’s investment from financial crime and reputational risk. This fundamental under-the-radar advisory service enables the client to identify who they are dealing with and what potential contentious issues may arise by way of a detailed background report on the potential buyer/investor, their family, and close associates. The report ultimately generated remains the property of the client and the information is not shared with any third party.

They have advised (HNW) individuals, large companies, enterprises, and many leading multi-national financial institutions which stems from expertise gained through service with the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Police Service of Northern Ireland. They have also acted as the lead investigator for numerous major multi-national money laundering operations and anti-terrorism investigations. RAPTOR’s Senior Consultant has an extensive global network of resources which cover every country, multi-lingual, and utilises the expertise of (amongst others):

  • UK ex anti-terrorism and organised crime specialists
  • Ex-Special Forces personnel
  • USA ex Federal and State Law Enforcement officers
  • Ex CIS Law enforcement and Special Forces personnel

RAPTOR’s partner is a provider of AML data and compliance technology solutions. They have a talented team of compliance and risk experts, engineers, data scientists, and linguists (8 languages including English, Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish). They assist compliance professionals by way of access to real-time, high-quality, and relevant AML risk data to make the right risk decisions quickly.

Our partner enjoys a collaborative relationship with our clients to help them get the most out of their data and technology.

  • This state-of-the-art Compliance Software platform is suitable for all sizes of regulated financial services companies.
  • The software is excellent for client verification and monitoring purposes as well as for ongoing transaction monitoring.

RAPTOR will assist clients and fiduciary service providers with regard to:

  • Undertaking independent 3rd party periodic reviews of existing offshore structures to ensure that there has not been significant mandate drift since tax/legal advice was last obtained. Experience tells RAPTOR that advice obtained, unless on an on-going basis, will no longer be applicable due to the significant changes to tax legislation, globally, and in particular in the UK over the last 10 years…. it has become apparent that numerous fiduciary companies do not have the ability or the knowledge to prevent significant damage to their portfolio of clients.  As a consequence, they cause reputational damage to jurisdictions as a result of diminishing tax awareness and commercial realism.
  • Provide fiduciary service providers with compliance reviews and prepare client risk profile analysis on clients and their structures.

ENGAGEMENT STAGE 1: RAPTOR ENGAGEMENT To appoint RAPTOR you will be required to sign an initial engagement letter and thereafter an exclusivity agreement (to be signed by the client and RAPTOR). Raptor will liaise with the appointed partner / advisory service provider following which the client will then undertake STAGE 2: RAPTOR PARTNER / ADVISORY SERVICE PROVIDER To appoint a RAPTOR partner / advisory service provider you will be required to sign an exclusivity agreement (to be signed by the client and the appointed partner/ advisory service provider). A list of our fees will be provided on engagement.

N.B: A Non-Disclosure Agreement will be provided by RAPTOR to be signed by all parties (to include the client, RAPTOR, and the preferred Partner / advisory service provider) for all sensitive works.

FEES STAGE 1: RAPTOR (FIXED FEES) An introductory engagement fee will apply for any works to appoint an advisory service provider. Subject to the clients’ specifications a monthly rolling fixed fee may apply. STAGE 2: PARTNER / ADVISORY SERVICE PROVIDER (FIXED FEES) For all works undertaken by the appointed RAPTOR PARTNER / ADVISORY SERVICE PROVIDER a fixed fee will apply subject to the clients’ specifications to be settled on a monthly rolling basis until the completion of all works. The client will be required to settle all charges directly with the appointed partners / advisory service provider.

DISCLAIMER: Raptor will source service providers to accommodate the client’s needs.